Fuel Shack Rebranding

EightySeven designed Fuel Shack Rebranding. In just a few short years, Fuel Shack has grown to become one of Malaysia’s most beloved burger restaurant chains. As they began developing one of their largest locations, Fuel Shack felt it was time to mature their brand. Working with EightySeven, they developed a refined brand story, clear communication system, and brought thoughtful design to the Fuel Shack customer experience.

With each touch point, there was consideration about how Fuel Shack could provide a sense of delight. The EightySeven team, continuing their overarching brand strategy, developed a storytelling system across all of Fuel Shack’s packaging. Creating an opportunity to communicate the brand story to those whose curiosity got the better of them. Along with refining the interior style of the restaurants, EightySeven brought a sense of constraint and refinement to create a new in-person experience.



Credits: EightySeven

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