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As big coffee fans at Mindsparkle Mag we fell in love with Coffee Circle – Specialty Coffee roasters from Berlin. Always on the hunt for the best coffees, they’re traveling the world to find the best coffee beans for you and get to know the farmers personally that are responsible for their unique quality. Our coffees are traded directly and bought at fair prices. With every cup of coffee our customers support the coffee farmers and their families!

The quest for the origins of coffee is like a treasure hunt
This is where coffees grow wild at over 2,000 metres altitude in shady forest gardens. As with wine, the taste changes from year to year. Coffee Circle pay fair purchase prices for our coffee specialities, which are far above the world market price. The coffee farmers in the Ethiopian highlands thus have enough money to feed their families and invest in their future. In addition, our customers donate one euro per kilogram of coffee sold. This is how Coffee Circle finance social projects. This is three times more than in comparison with other fair trade systems. Above all, 100% of the donations flow directly into the implementation of concrete projects. In this way they want to combine exceptional coffee taste with maximum social impact.

From Chemex to filter coffee machines: you’ll also find the right coffee accessories

The way to excellent coffee is good preparation. Coffee Circle offer a wide range of coffee makers to help you reach this goal. They are on hand to advise you and help you find the right coffee maker for your needs. You will find everything you need to enjoy your coffee, from filter coffee makers like Chemex carafes to coffee grinders and home espresso machines. Coffee Circle offer accessories that have convinced us in function, price and design. In addition, the team can support you in your purchase with detailed test reports.

On their website, you will find everything there is to know about coffee, sharing all their knowledge with you because there is so much to discover in the world of coffee! Also make sure to see their special Christmas offers: including our favorite coffee explorer box.


Credits: Coffee Circle

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