Forest Found branding

Forest Found works to get people of all ages and backgrounds outside. The new flexible and dynamic brand identity that has the potential to adapt to a multitude of different applications was designed by Passport Design Bureau. They started with a humble tree that is built out of their initials by way of back-to-back letter F’s, which is complemented by customised typography that alludes to the growing branches and roots of the forest. From this, the design bureau created a full suite of logos that are suitable for a variety of uses and scales, while the gently textured, wood-cut style of the line-work displays a natural and honest vibe that indicates the respect they have for their surroundings. The used paper stocks that are made from post-consumer waste and by-products of corn, kiwis, grains and olives which were produced using 100% green energy.The colour palette covers an array of off-whites, browns, greens and yellow that are used interchangeably across their personal stationery. The editorial piece to promote the learning division of the company to local schools. The large-scale format and full-bleed photography begins to immerse the reader into the forest environment which gives a flavour of what they can come to expect, while over-sized typography simply communicates the key mission statement and other essential information. The book is comprised of loose, folded sheets which are fastened by an elastic cord that helps to bypass the need for any environmentally-harmful glues that would be used in many traditional binding methods.


Credits: Passport Design Bureau

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