För ägg​​​​​​

Sitoh inc. has unveiled a captivating narrative through his recent packaging endeavor with För Ägg, a Japanese confectionary establishment celebrated for its delicate chiffon cakes and poultry farming. Crafted with an ingenious blend of simplicity and symbolism, the packaging captures the fascinating journey from humble eggs to the ethereal decadence of chiffon cakes. Drawing on his multifaceted background in business management and graphic design, Motoi’s innovative approach weaves a story that resonates universally, transcending cultural nuances. Sitoh inc.’s commitment to accessible and experimental design shines through, exemplifying their holistic design philosophy that embraces diverse realms from advertising and branding to spatial aesthetics. In the world of För Ägg, Motoi Shito’s artistry blends seamlessly with culinary craftsmanship, creating an aesthetic tapestry that encapsulates the essence of both the delicate confections and the avian origins from which they emerge.


Credits: Sitoh inc

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