Flamboyant Soda & Cafe Identity

Soda is a word used in Costa Rica to refer to an establishment, similar to a small restaurant providing food and beverages. Flamboyant is a newly established soda in the Heredia district in San Jose, Costa Rica. Founded with the premise of providing a contemporary take on the typical costa rican soda experience, Flamboyant blends the traditional soda’s warmth, familiarity and culinary richness of central american cuisine with practicality, healthy on the go offerings and café services to provide a healing place for the region’s commuters. The graphic proposal by SHIFT.mx is based off Flamboyant’s primary conceptual branches to create a modern take on a very human, very familiar and colorful costa rican soda. The main logotype is centered on characteristic soda lettering and signage upholding the regions tradition and heritage. A sober and clean visual language highlights the brands modern aspect, simplicity and practicality while a relatively wide color palette provides an upbeat atmosphere that alludes to the area’s rich culture, rainforests, local familiarity and brand flexibility. Branding is accompanied by a simple yet versatile sticker system to accommodate any type of packaging format for “to-go” products and meals. The main icon is a stylized orchid, inspired by Costa Rica’s national flower and used as an additional seal, a subtle nod to the “café” aspect of the brand.


Credits: Shift

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