Fire Without Smoke

An Open Understanding created a new identity that represented the execution standards and character of FWS studio. Or Fire Without Smoke 😉 The branding revolves not only digitally but physically too. Designers came up with a powerful concept for FSW.

Taking direction from the cinematic feel threaded throughout Fire Without Smoke’s portfolio, the design team created a monogram identity and approach to showcasing the studio’s work that puts the creative to the forefront. We found it incredible how the negative strokes from each character make it still work and create a unique monogram.
Working closely with the FWS team, the new identity is complete with company creds, a new website, and brand materials that bring the studio into a new era. The color palette is brief as black and white are the lead colors along with a red, vibrant accent. We fell for the light sign Open Understanding’s designers made!

Fire Without Smoke’s overall visual identity gives a modern and refreshed approach. Monograms are becoming a powerful resource for branding projects! What do you think about the SWF one?


Credits: An Open Understanding

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