Fine Grazing

We’re already getting ready for the holiday season, and one of our hobbies is to choose among us who came up with the best table set up. There’s a delicious reward for the most creative 😛 In the same line, the brand we’re showcasing today creates 100% aesthetic tablescapes with food. Today we’re presenting Fine Grazing’s visual identity designed by Both Studio

Fine Grazing is known for its high-quality, design-led grazing tablescapes featuring ingredients from Melbourne’s leading food artisans. As the brand was in continued growth, creatives proposed to recreate its visual identity. The brand is known for its range of cheese pillars and other food items. Everything they create has a unique style and a warm feel.
For Fine Grazing’s new branding, an original positioning and narrative were on the to-do list. Plus, designers came up with a formal and unconventional aesthetic with a high-end detail, making it extra high quality. The attention to detail is something the brand is known for in its tablescapes creations. Lately, art direction was superb as creatives thought of a series of cinematographic images celebrating the ingredients.

The brand characterizes for creating 360 productions, in which texture and correctness are everything. So, Both Studio thought the stationery design to show something unique depending on what side is facing you. Tactile finishes, including delicate embossing and textured papers, were selected to bring a sense of understated luxury to the at-home Fine Grazing experience. We applaud this design gorgeous and total design.

Additional credits
Photography by Shelley Horan.


Credits: Both Studio

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