FIN Analytics

Luckily today it’s Friday, and we’re bringing a splash of color and great design to make this day a party, but an elegant one. Under the concept of ‘Making real data,’ Rob Juárez illustrated many 3d abstract forms and their interaction to form part of the new FIN Analytics’ branding release.

Character SF asked Rob to help with the new platform’s visual identity. It will offer business information and analysis with the help of Big Data. A substantial part of the approach given to the illustrations is to reflect the materiality of each shape. And to present them as if atmospheric light reflecting on their surface and the varied forms bring them closer to people. The color palette choice is subtle and refined, giving a fancy approach to FIN Analytics’ aesthetic.
The sensibility Rob managed to created these impeccable compositions with geometric figures and soft colors is otherworldy. Also, its realistic appearance is everything; we’ve worked with painted metal sheets, and the results are pretty accurate to what he reflects.

The overall renders are super delicate, and the feel of natural lighting is pretty cool. We’re in love with the result and its magnificent presentation. Plus, the way compositions are displayed on different screens is beautiful!


Credits: Rob Juárez

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