Fell Salon Corporate Design

A good haircut can change the way you feel about yourself, helping you remember who you are and express it with pride. Most of all, a haircut makes you feel good. Fell is taking this idea and translating it into a hair salon with a friendly atmosphere, where the person cutting your hair feels as good as well. It was founded on a dedication to mutual trust, quality and transparency. The designer set out to carefully create the Fell brand to match this vision. Transparency works as the leitmotif. It’s not spelled out, but there to be felt in the simple and minimal approach of calm typography and black ink on recycled white paper. The design works with the materials and textures of the physical space, letting them stand out for what makes them interesting. Photography works as a core element and extension of the design, showing the underlying beauty of simplicity and the personality inherent in the way we wear our hair. For the project the designer created the name, logo, corporate design and identity which led to the creation of several products including a lookbook, signage, invitations, website; business, appointment & gift cards. Art Direction, Graphic Design & Set Design: Kristina Bartosova Creative Direction, Naming, Copywriting: Thomas Pokorn, Photography & Product Photography: LippZahnschirm, Web Design & Development: Jürgen Genser


Credits: Kristina Bartošová

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