Feel Skincare

arithmetic designed Feel Skincare. The Feel brand has undergone a metamorphosis to reflect a new state of consciousness. Everything has evolved from the brand’s foundation to the formulations of its product line, and outwards to all of its expression points. The new Feel brand focuses heavily on the efficacy of its products, taking a straight forward approach that focuses on ingredients first. Each product is developed with large enough concentrations of each key ingredient to be highly effective. No label claiming here. Feel is also 100% vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.

Feel’s product packaging has been designed to symbolize the experience of unearthing internal awareness and change. The collection of custom designed boxes open like reveal the matte glass vessels and brand messaging held within. The uncoated paper stock has a rich, tactile, human quality while the motif embossed on the exterior panels of the boxes emotes a fluid, earthy texture, symbolic of connection to nature. Together these custom elements work together to express the high quality and efficacy of Feel products, as well as the emoting the ethos of self-awareness that drives the brand. To be truly self-aware we must also consider our impact on the world around us. This includes the environmental footprint of the packaging. Both the glass vessels and the paper boxes were selected for their high level of recyclability.


Credits: arithmetic

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