Craft a cohesive brand experience for a family-run, sustainable clothing company that translates online and in-person. Faherty is a family-run business fueled by purpose and optimism. The company is building a new American legacy by creating high-quality, sustainably-minded, feel-good favorites that bring joy. The design by SDCO Partners echoes the company’s intentional and thoughtful approach to craftsmanship and a desire to build a cohesive, heritage lifestyle brand.

An evolved primary logo features a sun mark, evoking the brand’s optimistic, laidback spirit. New, intentionally rustic typography brings balance and a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and character to the letterforms. The juxtaposition of modern type and the sun mark with weathered details creates a storied yet modern feel.

A collection of graphic elements allow the brand to flex across platforms, creating a layered system that feels like a legacy brand that’s grown over time. The fresh brand identity is brought to life in an array of applications — from the online experience, retail store signage and shopping bags to custom e-commerce package design, gift tags, stickers, and apparel labels. The result is an authentic, inviting brand experience that customers, team members, and partners see, touch, feel, and always remember.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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