Taking on the world wide web, with F-Secure, rebranded by Nomad. The previous F-Secure logo of a shield felt somewhat arbitrary in todays landscape of digital products. The updated logo features a simple F that comes to life in animation, representing F-Secures digital products through scanning and protection motion behaviours. The simple shapes of the logo also became the foundation for a modular graphic system to literally protect imagery; using framing devices, create bold patterns and provide space for typography and messaging.

Our new brand voice for F-Secure avoids jargon and instead draws on the often unusual ways that online threats can appear in our lives, using light humour to shine a spotlight on these instances. Elsewhere, the name F-Secure is used in messaging as a verb showing how the brand fits in with every part of your online life: Subway streaming, F-Secured.

The new F-Secure positions digital security with the same level of importance as life, home or car insurance. Its presented as an essential product, by tapping into the empathy of online life, rather than using scare tactics to persuade and instead pushes expectations of the industry to become a more faithful representation of our online lives. The result is a brand that shows the importance of digital security in todays world cannot be undervalued, but this does not mean that it cant be surrounded by a rich experience full of personality.



Credits: Nomad

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