There are days we know we’re rocking an outfit. And Evoke wants women to express their very own selves to the world! Based in Spain, this fashion brand brings something extra to our daily runway thanks to Happer‘s work on its visual identity. And their strong message is openly communicated, and they are thankful for allowing them to form part of our lives. So, let the show begin!

Firstly, the brand’s personality reflects a magical atmosphere, where curves and mystical details stand out. The brand has a squared logo with peculiar typography designed that works symmetrically in different applications. Harper’s designers came up with a serif type accompanied by a ligature between the letters K and E to give the brand subtle touch and its uniqueness.
We love the contrast in the color palette for packaging design, which is more eye-catchy to the stationary and branding’s warm, close hues. Evoke’s remarkably positive messages add a lot of value to the brand’s identity, as they’re sincere and encouraging to every reader. The advertising and branding design revolve around Evoke’s simplicity and femininity that distinguishes the brand’s products.

The overall design has a modern yet elegant style, which brings the brand closer to the clients and supports them every day. We can feel their positive vibes approaching Mindsparkle. Let’s enjoy them 🙂


Credits: Happer

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