Etude Stucky

Etude Stucky is a Swiss law and notary office with over 30 years of experience. The office consists of different specialties in various branches of law. It allows them to intervene in many fields of expertise and expand their know-how. When in need of a rebranding, they asked Massary to refresh their visual identity into something timeless. 

The team wanted a modern and relevant rebranding while maintaining their values. So, Massary created a minimalist visual identity, consisting of a logomark symbolizing an hourglass. The hourglass materializes in two identical shapes, and the new brand image revolves around it. The emblem’s lines define the overall graphic structure of the visual identity.
Etude Stucky is a strong identity that emphasizes patience, reflection, experience, and thoughtful advice, all in a contemporary tone. Plus, the color palette perfectly reflects the vast experience in the business. 

All in all, Massary’s team did an impeccable job when bringing the brief to life. Also, we’re in love with the modern look and feel of Etude Stucky’s identity. 

Additional credits
Aeonik font: CoType Foundry


Credits: MASSARY

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