Entrée’s delivery service provides chef-crafted meals that taste as good as a plate from your favorite restaurant. In a highly competitive market, they needed a fresh brand strategy and identity to set them apart and capture a new audience. The new fresh brand identity was designed by Saint-Urbain (Creative Director ALEX OSTROFF with Creative team: MORGAN LIGHT & ALLISON GUTMAN ).

Bring the right stuff to the table. Entrée brings joy, community, flavor, and culture to any home with a few simple meals. Our visual identity leans into the idea of setting the table, with placements built from unique borders, shapes and frames. Entrée’s new mission, to expand people’s palettes and perspectives, comes to life through an editorial-inspired typography that educates, excites, and engages. Finally, a muted-yet-expressive color palette complements each dish, recipe, and moment without overpowering it.


Credits: Saint-Urbain

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