Energy Renaissance

Back to conscious branding projects, today we’re showcasing one propelled by Enlightenment Now book. Rafael Hu came up with a graphic campaign, where poster design becomes a masterpiece. Energy Renaissance is the campaign’s name and promotes science and technology to deal with climate change.

In the book Enlightenment Now written by Steven Pinker, his response to climate change is “to figure out how to get the most energy with the least emission of greenhouse gases.” Inspired by his approach, Rafael came up with a campaign called Energy Renaissance, helping to achieve decarbonization through ditching fossil fuels for green energy and nuclear technology. The concept of promoting science and technology to help our climate came from Rafael’s research of environmental movements across time.
His design features three principal tones, one for each type of environmental problem, ashy black for pollution, cyan and blue for oceans, and warm, earthy green tones for sustainable energies. Also, each topic has its own aesthetic and style. Plus, here’s a random fact about us, we’re big pin fans, and Rafael came up with a beautiful design for his sustainable campaign. 

All in all, Hu’s graphic campaign features a relevant topic to all of us. His work is super detailed and polished. We want to know if there’s something you usually do that contributes to helping our planet. Let us know in our social post’s comments. 


Credits: Rafael Hu

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