Elite Production House

Absurdly talented, London-based, boutique production house ‘Hide&Seek’ approached Fable&Co. with the compelling challenge, to redefine their existing brand identity. The brief – to effectively represent their awe-inspiring aptitude & expertise in crafting transformative films that move people, organisations & the world.´

Over the past five years, Hide&Seek have expertly crafted an infectious selection of highly impactful & astoundingly successful films, attracting the likes of Netflix, BBC & Channel 4 along with many other international streaming services & broadcasters to showcase their artistry on a global stage.

Hide&Seek’s reputation & influence had gathered phenomenal pace since their inception back in 2017. Like many brands, this significant transformation highlighted an obvious need to address their own brand personality, tone & identity to ensure it effectively communicated where they were now heading, rather than where they had emerged from.



Credits: Fable&Co.

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