ELIA tonic water

In the world of beverages, where the battle for shelf space is as fierce as ever, a new contender has emerged with a splash that’s impossible to ignore. ELIA tonic water, a distinguished line of effervescent organic tonic waters, is redefining the way we think about mixers. Crafted with the discerning palate in mind, ELIA promises to elevate the experience of both cocktails and mocktails, making every sip an adventure in taste and aesthetics.

A Fresh Wave of Creativity: The Visual Identity of ELIA

The brainchild behind this bubbly revolution is Yuliya Tverdokhlib, a designer known for her ability to capture the essence of a brand and translate it into a visual feast. For ELIA, Tverdokhlib drew inspiration from the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of bubbles, an element as unpredictable as it is delightful. This inspiration is evident in every aspect of ELIA’s visual identity, from the packaging to the brand imagery.

The design strategy was clear from the outset: create something that not only stands out on the shelf but also carries its visual appeal into the consumer’s home and life. To achieve this, Tverdokhlib employed a striking combination of bold typography, unique graphics, and vibrant colors. The result is a design that’s both eye-catching and straightforward, embodying the youthful ease that the brand aspires to.

Popping Off the Shelf: The Packaging of ELIA

The packaging of ELIA tonic water is where Tverdokhlib’s design truly comes to life. It’s an embodiment of the brand’s ethos: organic, effervescent, and designed to elevate your drink, whether it’s a sophisticated cocktail or a refreshing mocktail. The use of bold typography and unique graphics against a backdrop of vibrant colors ensures that ELIA not only pops off the shelf but also becomes a talking point at any cocktail party.

What makes the packaging design truly stand out is its ability to marry functionality with aesthetic appeal. The bottles are designed to be both beautiful and practical, ensuring that the visual identity of the brand is not lost once the product is opened. This attention to detail ensures that ELIA is not just a tonic water, but a holistic experience that enhances the visual and gustatory pleasure of your drink.


Credits: Yuliya Tverdokhlib

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