El Rayo Tequila

Already Saturday, and we’re planning a night out after seeing what El Rayo identity offers. Well-known for being a shot-able drink, tequila appears in many cocktail drinks, and we’re fancying them so much! Futura created a lively, modern art direction and photography set for the brand to dance the competence away. 

El Rayo is a tequila sold in London; however, its visual identity catches every Mexican feature it could make it even more Mexican. Inspired by an ancient drink’s legend, the concept revolves around lighting, color, and the famous agave plant. This short story narrates the discovery of tequila made by a peasant during a storm.
Another source of inspiration is Modern Mexican architecture, which involves powerful, geometrical shapes and vivid colors. Architects like Luis Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta’s works form part of the photography settings. Together with the incorporation of the agave plant, Futura team creates a modern aesthetic. Contrast and light are the two main features of the art direction. 

The overall appearance gives a mystical feel, and creatives used for some aspirational images a color gradient background, which translates to the sky’s colors during the day in the countryside. We’re in love with their exquisite sensitivity to apply light beams and make them look extraordinary. Have we convinced you to have a fancy night drink night with tequila cocktails? 

 Additional credits
Furniture: Taller Luum
Branding: Toro Pinto


Credits: Futura

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