EightySeven sparks opportunity. Established in 2019, EightySeven emerged from a commitment to blend strategy with storytelling, crafting unforgettable brands for visionary founders and leaders. As they celebrated their 5th anniversary, EightySeven embarked on a rebranding journey, aiming not only to redefine their identity but also to capture the unique essence, “the spark” that distinguishes them.

The rebranding was not just an aesthetic refresh; it was a comprehensive exploration into their ethos, processes, and the future they envision for both their studio and their clients. Employing their own proprietary methodologies like (87)BrandFocus and (87)BrandFusion, EightySeven endeavored to crystallize their collective vision and foster alignment among their team. This process reinforced their belief in the transformative power of brands to ignite change and forge profound connections.


Credits: EightySeven

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