DUET is a skincare brand that cares, they bring natural actives into clean formulations with efficacy and safety. Apart from holding the value of vegan and cruelty-free, they create sustainable packaging to love their planet. Listen to your skin, respond with nature is their motto. They asked Studio écru to recreate their visual identity and packaging design, among other things. This year so far, we have showcased many skincare branding projects. The main reason? We all love them.

It’s a challenge to create an identity for such small products, labels, and boxes. Everything must be harmonious. In this case, Studio écru was inspired by written music. Basing its design on staff representation as an organizing grid for the label’s text, communicating one of the DUET’s main attributes: sustainability and its organic origin.
In a very competitive market, skincare products need to differentiate from the rest and stand out. This music-inspired project features a warm soft color palette and a nice contrast with the all-black typography. The type font chosen is serif and has a note’s imprint. We are enchanted by this harmonious melodic design Studio écru has been able to create.

Studio écru [ecru] (a.), a French word to the hue of unbleached, echoes our mission to unearth the true colors of the brand. through copywriting, design, photography, and strategy, Studio écru aims to curate an all-around and long-live brand image.


Credits: Studio ecru

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