Dubicz Winery Label Design

The labels fuse the natural phenomena of the Mátra Wine Region into an abstract set of symbols. The basic concept derived from the natural phenomenon occurring around the harvest season when due to the relatively large differences in altitude and temperature inversion the Mátra slopes melt into the stratus clouds appearing above the land. Each wine has its own symbol depicting a characteristic natural treasure of the wine region reduced to a geometric form, which then fades away vertically, much like the slopes of the Kékes mountain in the Fall. The design process of the patterns focused on pairing the various motifs with the bottles containing the matching wine aroma and flavor. The concept is based on black and white patterns and their complementary colors. This creates a uniform, symbol-based label line that is easy to identify. Art Direction: Drozsnyik DávidGraphic: Misztarka EszterPhotography: Szendeff Lőrinc, Dubicz Borászat


Credits: Graphasel Design Studio

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