DS Durga Campaign Imagery

D.S. & Durga were pioneers in the DIY Brooklyn movement around the turn of the century. They began by turning things they loved into scents. At first they handmade scented stories of cowboys, open terrain, Russian novel characters, folksongs, etc., and packed them into hand-stamped boxes in their Bushwick apartment. Similarly, Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree follow the same path with their work and strive to do everything themselves, from design, to photography, to modeling. D.S. & Durga found merit in that, and reached out to their studio to create their campaign imagery for their 12 signature scents. Based on D.S. & Durga's elaborate stories for each scent, Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree created individual vignettes that could embody the mood and story of each fragrance. Art Direction & Design, Photography, Modeling: Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree

Credits: Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree

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