Drip Coffee Packaging

Summer mornings don’t seem as terrible as the ones in winter. So, for those in the southern hemisphere, here it goes warm design for you. Today we’re showcasing Drip Coffee packaging’s design. We present these cute coffee boxes, which are great for a gift to a beloving one. Because who doesn’t like a beautiful present that contains different blends of this brown energy drink? The Tint Design came up with a stunning design.

Designers thought of packaging not only to be adorable but to combine with that corner in your kitchen. Yes, you know we are talking about that personal space where you have the coffee machine and those beautiful cups with matching plates or mugs; that really depends on you 😉 Each box contains ten pouches of Caffeine & Culture high-quality coffee kinds plus five different blends from all over the world.
From the United Arab Emirates, Drip Coffee packaging brings this country’s colors. A curious detail about the outside dark box is that the gold foil lines are drawings of the UAE map. It’s a true hidden gem! When unboxing, the interior’s individual containers look like books, but when opening those too, you found coffee pouches.

The aesthetic the design studio managed is super sophisticated and luxurious. The typography choice and colors are amazing, and the way the marbled patterns combine with the overall style is superb. We’re are sure you’re thinking of someone who would like to receive this surprise box as a gift. And this person would fascinate it if they are coffee-lovers.



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