Drama Kings

Get up from your chair and shake out that body! Does it usually happen to you that you spend a lot of time sitting, and after a while, your legs feel numb? Every once in a while, we should stand and walk or move for a couple of minutes. To fight this, we’re presenting the best choreographer dancers in Russia, Drama Kings. The photographer behind the lens was Vasiliy Shvetsov, whose style is handmade surreal advertising.

The portraits Vasily took and edited are out-of-this-world! We could spend hours staring at them; they are super hypnotizing as there are many tiny details to look at, which perfectly balance the composition. He chose a soft, pastel color palette with some metallic and neon features. Plus, the royalty hallmarks are both graphically and physically represented by wires and a texted crown.
The dancing kingdom seems to be involved with the technological world as wires and connections are other essential features for the photographs. Choreographers seem to be directly connected to the beats that run through their bodies when dancing. 

We’re fascinated by Vasily’s overall photographs and graphic compositions. Take this as our invitation for you to lose your hips for a while. And enjoy your banger song out loud, shaking all your body!

Additional credits
Photo/art director: @vasiliy_shvetsov
Makeup: @sistercarrycom


Credits: Vasiliy Shvetsov

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