Dokna Architecture

The name Dokna is inspired by the concept of openness, transparency, and connection, reminiscent of the word for “window” in several Slavic languages. It captures the essence of the brand, which focuses on bridging the indoor and outdoor environments, allowing natural light to permeate and enhance the connection with nature. The concept of openness is central to this name, symbolizing the seamless integration between architectural spaces and the natural world.


With a profound dedication to architectural excellence and sustainable design, Dokna specializes in creating spaces that are not only functional but also harmoniously connected with their surroundings, aiming to surpass the expectations of its clients.

Dokna which hints at the elemental role of windows in connecting spaces, mirrors the studio’s foundational philosophy: fostering a deep collaboration with clients to bring their visions to life. This partnership is pivotal in developing designs that do more than fulfill basic requirements; they also captivate and uplift, transforming ordinary spaces into sources of inspiration and well-being.

The visual identity of Dokna designed by LOTIPA ™ stands out through a synergy between vibrant hues – orange, black, blue, white, and gray – and deconstructed geometric shapes that together sculpt the name DOKNA. This fusion not only captures the innovative and creative soul of the brand but also evokes its philosophy of weaving spaces where pragmatism dances with visual charm, creating environments that are true experiences of light and connection.​​​​​​​

Naming and Graphic Designer: Antoniel Felaínne / Lotipa (@lotipastudio)
Graphic Designer & Motion: Carlos Michael (@miccha)


Credits: LOTIPA

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