DJOM, a new brand of candles, ceramics and other handmade objects, is launching its inaugural collection, bringing with it a unique fusion of products with aromatherapeutic benefits and, of course, handmade ceramics. These are products with Portuguese influences and African roots. Created in Portugal but rooted in Angolan traditions, DJOM’s main mission is to provide exceptional sensory experiences, connecting people with the essence of life.

DJOM was conceived with the intention of awakening the senses and making people feel good. We believe that life should be lived with the senses to full bloom, and that is what we seek to offer through our products. Apres Creatives Studios’s unique approach involves not only visual aesthetics, but also the exploration of scents and touch that add a special touch to everyday life.

The brand delves into the universe of aromatherapy to transform its products into complete sensory experiences. It’s not just about visual beauty, but functionality and benefits for everyday life. Each product is carefully designed to stimulate the senses and provide well-being.


Credits: après- creative studio

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