Dig Inn Branding

Dig Inn is a fast casual eatery that believes in the power of the shared table as a place where friendships are made and ideas are born. They build community through food that is locally sourced, in season, and impeccably prepared. Recently, Dig Inn turned to High Tide to overhaul their branding in preparation for the restaurant’s expansion to a number of new locations. High Tide drew inspiration from the cozy minimalism of Scandinavian design to create a sophisticated and dynamic identity system that more accurately reflects their mission and ethos as they continue to grow. The design studio then thoughtfully applied that identity across a range of collateral, including menus, in-store signage, packaging, and the interiors of new locations. The result is an elegantly modern brand identity that has been garnering steady acclaim as it is unveiled alongside the brand’s exciting national expansion. Photography: Robert Brevdad, Kevin Kunstadt, Christian Harder


Credits: High Tide

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