Designstuff Rebrand

After ten years of operation Studio Sly were tasked with enhancing the experience of iconic retailer Designstuff, connecting back to roots and reinvigorating the visual system.

Whilst retaining the original logo, we reworked the colour palette with an earthy base, sympathetic to their highly crafted wares, adding 2 seasonal hues for a sense of unexpected play at each touch point. Studio Sly wanted to flip how people traditionally use orange in a retail setting, giving it a more premium existence in its execution. Pastel blue for relief and premium softness.

A combination of three typefaces were deployed in this new system, each speaking to a part of the brand and harmonious when used as a whole.A unique feature of the DS showroom is the hand loomed drapes, often receiving attention for their texture and dappled shadow. The studio has reimagined this texture in tissue for each customer to have a small piece of DesignStuff. Overlayed with a seasonal burst of colour in oversized lettering. A second tissue was also developed with brand mantras and ethos for a typographic execution. An ongoing partnership.


Credits: Studio Sly

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