Dermal Solution

Back with the skincare and self-love section, we’re showcasing Dermal Solution, a collection of high-performance botanical skincare. Its visual identity and packaging design come from Brian Lu‘s creative mind. Dermal Solution not only provides outperforming body massage oil; but also encourages conversations on the subject matter. 

The brand seeks increasing connectivity and perfect harmony between the human and natural environment. Derived from solar-powered botanicals and organic farming, Dermal Solution’s Body Collection replenishes and nourishes the skin with its silky texture and soothing scents.
Dermal Solution reached out to Local Remote to help define a modern expression of this human-nature relationship. Brian Lu and his team made nature, connectivity, and resiliency their creative core—orienting and expanding the brand around the power of words and materials. They carried this idea through a reductive but distinctive visual identity. Defines a labeling system that emphasizes simple ingredient lists with an underlying skin tone color palette that amplifies what Dermal Solution believes—a sense of connectivity in any relationship—whether interpersonal or with nature elements—serves to strengthen empathy and concern.

All in all, we love the aesthetic Brian Lu and his team achieved, combining a soft color palette and warm textures. We’re excited to see some skincare projects back on Mindsparkle Mag 🙂


Credits: Brian Liu

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