Dentvelop identity

Dentvelop is a highly specialized odontology clinic that focuses its practice on dental implant innovation. With evolution being one of their main characteristics as a business, La Tortillería took that as the cornerstone of inspiration to develop their new brand identity.  The name Dentvelop, which stems from blending the words Dental + Develop + Evolution, became the creative source for the rest of the design concept.
The monogram serves as the perfect complement, portraying a subtle but well-defined outline of a dental implant. This monogram is meant to live as an imprint or be embossed in various applications, from the appointment reminders and business stationery to its products, materials, and packaging. The importance lies on keeping teeth healthy, clean and white. The shades of blue and green reflect these three qualities as well as their close connection to healthcare professions. Needless to say, white was unequivocally chosen as the defining color for the entire brand to resemble the brilliance of a perfect smile.


Credits: La Tortilleria

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