Deluca Coffee Branding

Deluca Coffee is a family-run cafe and roastery based in Banksmeadow, Sydney. Deluca roasts and creates their own high-quality coffee, supplying cafes throughout Sydney with specialty blends. Founder Lucas Georgio approached  the designers from Christopher Doyle to refresh all elements of the brand identity and to establish a packaging system that can grow with their business.  The design studio created a unique logomark based around the D and L letterforms found within Deluca, that also references the silhouette of a coffee cup on the machine tray, and the barista’s tools. This mark was then abstracted and used to create a series of supporting illustrations that are applied to product bags, collateral and in-store artwork. To coincide with the rebrand, the cafe underwent a full renovation to complement the new identity. The result is a striking, iconic suite of visuals that effectively express the Deluca brand, and a unified, flexible system that supports future growth. Photography by Alana Dimou. Product photography by Foliolio.


Credits: Christopher Doyle

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