Data Aeternum

Today’s design post goal is to increase awareness about the data given while being, posting, and buying online. Data Aeternum is a Data Privacy guide, which seeks to not only apprise, educate, and empower users to reduce their data footprint, but also to bridge their perception and reality to the dangers of data collection. It’s designed for a universal at-risk audience of young adults, who aren’t aware of these dangers, and technology illiterate adults and seniors, who might be unaware of these data collection practices.

The project consists of two parts: A website and an interactive handbook. The Website is a self-sufficient entry point to the project that provides actionable steps to reduce your data footprint and the essential context to understand data privacy. It has a simple approach to a linear guide (no navigating anywhere; one simple scroll) which eliminates any barriers to entry. It is also aesthetically designed to as stay neutral and accessible as possible. It uses this neutral design as a tool to gather information and communicate to users in a manner that helps them understand the risks of data collection, and feel empowered to take back control.

The Interactive Handbook further builds upon the website, providing essential information to more deeply understand the complex topic of data privacy, along with providing further resources to further learn and demand oversight. The handbook features NFC tags and QR codes on the sides, which offer further resources, readings, activities, games, videos, podcasts, and more to broaden the reader’s horizon to the topic of data privacy.


Credits: Shivam Sinha

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