Dan Maneshin Technical Production

W Design Bureau created the visual identity for Dan Maneshin. A brand that creates visual and technical design concepts for concerts, events, and shows. Innovative solutions are his hallmark as one of the best creative leaders in the industry in Eastern Europe and the Gulf States. Its unique solutions make a lasting impression on audiences worldwide, from large-scale concert productions to immersive events. And one such idea you might have seen in Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup is the official hourglass countdown.
The brand identity consists of a logo with a blur effect, a signature, and an information block with the line of business. The blur effect mimics the contrasting light on the outlines of objects or people from concert lighting installations. An author’s signature is an additional style element used to want to emphasize the presence of the author’s personality. For example, a business card or an invitation card. The other identity elements are based on a layout design that repeats the structure of the logo’s text blocks.
Dan Maneshin’s aesthetic is reflected in his work, the brightness of his final product, and the emotions of general delight. Therefore, the brand identity system is designed to complement the visual code in a way that does not overshadow the main action of his creations on the creative scene.The collaboration with Dan Maneshin resulted in a style reflecting his creative spirit. It has been a unique and exhilarating experience that has allowed us to combine our creative efforts and develop a brand identity system in a new creative domain.


Credits: W Design Bureau: Creative Director Eugene Wysota, Graphic Designer Helen Trophimova

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