Da Pietro

Da Pietro, a Czech Signature Napoletana pizzeria, needed a visual identity that represents its traditional and modern approach. To achieve this, the Tomas Paichl chose to focus on iconic gestures from Neapolitan culture. These gestures are not only recognizable in Italy but also worldwide, making them an ideal visual element for a restaurant that serves both traditional and contemporary pizzas. The gestures are accompanied by strong text messages in Neapolitan slang, adding a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to the visual style.

The use of gestures as a primary visual element creates a strong connection between the restaurant and its customers. It allows the customers to understand and relate to the culture and traditions that inspire the restaurant’s cuisine. The gestures are also used in various forms, such as illustrations and animations, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience. This approach not only adds value to the overall brand identity but also enhances the dining experience for the customers.


Credits: Tomas Paichl

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