Curated Gift Kits

New year, new skincare projects! Back with this section, we are huge fans of these tiny products. So, we’re presenting Curated Gift Kits packaging design by Night Shift. Today, featuring colorful and natural-inspired figures, this branding and packaging are perfect for giving to your beloving ones. 

Matter Company is a holistic, herbal-based skin care company established in 1996. Launched for Mother’s Day, the approach for this project was to avoid the pitfall of seasonal styled products — irrelevant immediately after the holiday ends. This consideration is essential during a challenging year, where packaging design can be a nervous investment for small businesses.
The resolution was a simple design system using animals and insects found in the natural world, tonally connecting them to the bigger Matter brand, which is rooted in the healing power of herbs. Colorful photography ensures that each kit stood out and felt as unique as the person receiving it. 



Credits: Night Shift

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