Cultivare wine packaging

In early 2016, the Ladyssenyadora graphic design studio was commissioned by the Vallformosa winery to produce the labels for its new Cultivare wine. It was a small print run by a new and high-end product that wanted to position the winery (and more specifically its brand of still wines Doménech.Vidal) within the world of culture. They soon realized that Cultivare (which etymologically is the Latin root of culture) had to be much more than a bottle of wine. With the freedom of their clients they began to devise a plan to make this wine a total work of art that crossed all the boundaries of the conventional design of a wine label. The project was devised as a dance show on a tatami of blank wine labels. From the ceiling, a shower of paint (yellow in the case of white wine, red by the red) made the papers wet while the artists danced on it using their movement, splashing and marking each of the labels. The show was repeated up to 6 times to obtain the 4,674 labels needed to dress Doménech.Vidal wines. Only the winery team, the artists and a very small group of bloggers and journalists could witness that moment now turned into wine.


Credits: Ladyssenyadora

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