Cucina Brand Identity

Isn’t having dinner altogether with your friends one of the best activities in the world? We certainly believe that these gatherings have crucial serotonin doses. Almost every reunion has tons of laughter and exchange of varied life experiences. So, today we’re presenting Cucina’s branding design by FAENA Studio

Cucina’s founder Marco Carboni thought of it as a space where allows learning but good talks and toasts, everything that involves sharing a table with friends. And FAENA studio understood the atmosphere the brand was in looking for and nailed it. Cucina’s brand identity has a fresh feel, casual and fun, capable of classifying different activities and workshops happening in its location through its color palette.
Also, creatives came up with a unique combination of typographic styles, which contrast superbly. They designed a dynamic logo with a jolly spirit. In this way, the brand welcomes friends and customers to experience some limitless creativity sessions with well-known chefs. 

All in all, we are fascinated by the fun and friendly approach Cucina identity has and how they make their guests feel warm-heartedly welcome. Plus, the leather details for the chef’s uniform are just incredible, as they bring a high-end quality detail. So, are you organizing a gathering with friends this weekend? 


Credits: FAENA Studio

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