A part of the Justice Cannabis Co. brand family in the U.S, Crops provides euphoric, inclusive and easy-to-use cannabis experiences, made to facilitate joy and elevate wellness. This is the fifth brand Smack Bank developed for Justice Cannabis Co., with each one as unique, inventive and informed as the other. Crops was no exception.Crops make flower powered products that bring freedom, ease and joy to your everyday. Their product range works symbiotically with your bodys central nervous system to unlock wellness, expand tranquility and find perspective shifts in a way that is natural, therapeutic and good for both you and the planet.

All brand elements for Crops were developed by the team at Smack Bang including the initial strategy, visual identity, packaging, digital, brand language and art direction.

As a brand, Crops is about seeking the sublime. Using kaleidoscopic colourways, old-school typefaces and playful motifs of clouds, smoke and flowers, the agency employed a high-vibe, retro-feel that is innately positive. As flowers are the most common form of cannabis use, the Crops branding reflects this across all touchpoints by visually communicating inclusivity and approachability. The result is a brand that is welcoming and transportive, with a relaxed, retro vibe that lends itself to being accepted by many, thus creating a safe place for people to feel connected.

Through expressive copywriting, Crops communicates with flair and ease, using a tone that is direct, light and occasionally philosophical.

Whilst Crops conveys a familiar design language, it is imbued with more subtle meaning. Brand accents and layered, cloud-like iconography are a reference to reaching cloud nine and the O in the Crops brand mark takes the shape of a record a nod to the transformative power of music and the associations of cannabis with counterculture and the arts.

Smack Bang started their process with deep and deliberate dialogue with Crops founding team and immersing themselves in their vision. Smack Bank learned there was much more to this brand than Cannabis for Wellness. The strategy came to life from the central desire for Crops to encourage new perspectives, cultivate freedom and enhance the lives of those who seek more. The positioning reflected a desire to show Crops audience that they dont have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.


Credits: Smack Bang

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