Crinch Burgers

In the 1940s, a closely guarded recipe emerged, shrouded in secrecy. It found its way to Studio PERSPECTIVA. in Mexico, seeking a visual identity that would bewilder its audience, evoking a unique sensation often described as “cringe.” – hence Crinch Burgers. This enigmatic essence became the foundation for the brand’s name, where subtle letter modifications lent it a distinctive character.

Drawing inspiration from the muted tones of white, black, and grey reminiscent of that era, Studio PERSPECTIVA. embarked on a journey through a bygone era teeming with culinary delights, television, music, cartoons, and just a hint of the peculiar. This journey served as the wellspring for their creative process.

Given the recipes’ status as a closely guarded secret formula, a logo emerged – a striking emblem with an entirely black canvas adorned with a tantalizingly textured allure. Additionally, PERSPECTIVA skillfully crafted illustrations, harkening back to the cartoons and imagery of the time, seamlessly blending an eerie quality with reality.

It’s essential to note that “Crinch” is not for everyone; it caters to those who relish the fusion of food and mystery. This distinctive brand transcends the ordinary, inviting individuals to savor a peculiar and enticing blend of nostalgia and enigma.



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