Crello Brand Identity

Nowadays, there are tons of online tools that help non-designers to become one. Crello is one of them. Its main feature is motion graphics, making it the most easygoing mean to do so. Sёma Mokrov was in charge of the brand’s new visual identity, web and mobile design. Following their motto, ‘Anyone is a designer with Crello’. 

This online tool can help you create animations and graphics for social media and web design. To communicate it is an easy-to-use platform, Designers conceived using the three main primary colors combined with white. Plus, the incorporation of simple bidimensional shapes doesn’t translate as a complex program. As it couldn’t be another way, Sёma Mokrov used Crello itself to create their branding design.
The principal animation features a fun and interactive style. Designers showed off the potential of the app and how to create the coolest visual materials with it. Also, kind of GIFs posts are super easy to make, and you have fun while doing so! Now that social media is rapidly drifting to even more dynamic content creation would be wise to add the platform to your toolkit. 

We love Crello’s modern imprint and bright identity, which is super recognizable thanks to its font and shapes choices. Are you giving it a try? 


Credits: Sёma Mokrov

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