Creature Coffee

Nowadays, there is a coffee obsession going own and let’s be honest some days, a warm and tasty coffee mug is the only motivation to leave the bed. So, today we are presenting a jolly coffee branding, strongly attached to the designer’s own style.
Creature Coffee’s identity is Aleksandra Apaza‘s creation for this small-batch coffee roaster based in Austin, Texas. A  couple of guys looking for a way to bring something fun into an otherwise not so fun year, there’s no need to say 2*020,  started their own business during the pandemic.
For this project,  “We love all creatures. In all their glorious shapes, sizes, and colors.” Aleksandra says. Indeed, she designed five different creatures for each type of coffee and their own little universe based on the flavor ingredients. Furthermore, the vibrant color palette it’s linked to a color code based on how you like your coffee, blue – a more old-school type, pink – something a little bit bolder, and yellow is defined as ‘something in between’ 😉 Two dashing and playful typographies are set in the packaging, one featured as Creature Coffee’s logo and the other’s coffee brew’s name, which gives you a hint from where the coffee bean is originated.

Aleksandra Apaza is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Poland and now living in New York. She likes happy designs with eye-catching colors and a great combination of weirdness and consciousness in her work. Also obsessed with playing with typography and loves packaging and branding design combined with colorful illustrations.


Credits: Aleksandra Apaza

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