Over the last year, COLLINS has worked closely with Crane’s teams to revitalize their brand, reboot their digital presence, developing a more relevant brand voice as well as enabling new products, artist collaborations, and customization capabilities. Crane is exploring new ways of expressing the depth and design of their timeless, premium-quality 100% cotton products.

Crane has been making paper for over 250 years. Stephen Crane established the Crane paper business in 1770 and purchased the Liberty Paper Mill in Dalton, Massachusetts. Paul Revere was one of Crane’s first customers when he used the paper to print the first paper money for the American colonies, thus establishing the inaugural thread of Crane’s presence in American life. By 1801, Crane was the primary producer of banknote paper for local and regional banks and, eventually, for the U.S. government.

They’ve have committed to the classic Crane blue with a slight update – dialing up its vibrancy while showcasing Crane’s printing and engraving capabilities. The stationery box itself becomes an object of hope, never to be put in a drawer or a closet but proudly displayed on a desk, a shelf, or a coffee table. When displayed in a store and at retail locations, the larger presence of the Crane brand functions as a clear signal of where their quality products can be found.


Credits: Collins

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