Cours de Reve Ballet

YNL DESIGN has developed the verbal identity and visual identity of Cours de Rêve Ballet. Unlike other ballet academies, Cours de Rêve Ballet is an academy that recognizes the artistic value of ballet to students through an educational system optimized for individual characteristics and international exchange programs.

The designers have developed a French naming called ‘Cours de Rêve,’ which means ‘Class of Dreams’ by introducing ‘physical health and mental growth through ballet’ as the core value. It implies that no matter what students dream of, they can imagine and achieve their dream on the artistic stage through the differentiated educational system.

The Cours de Rêve Ballet symbol portrays the ballerina’s movement into an abstract and modern image. The graphic motif developed based on delicate hand-drawing work depicts students’ growth through the class Cours de Rêve Ballet like graceful swans and blooming flowers in a symbolic image. The brand color expresses ballet’s understated beauty using the classic beige color from satin ballet toe shoes and the romantic emerald green color that represents a luxurious and private sensibility.



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