Concrete Jewellery by Gravelli

Gravelli is a growing company of designers and concrete specialists that we just recently came across and immediately fell in love with. Their products range from furniture to beautiful jewellery as seen below, not to mention that each piece is handcrafted. Gravelli is based in Prague, Czech Republic delivering their goods worldwide. Their design products present concrete in a new light, not just as a practical material but an aesthetic one. Gravelli combines new technologies, modern design and traditional craftmanship. At the core of their business is quality which can certainly be seen in their new jewellery collection coming in a beautiful concrete packaging bow. It is simply unique and a design that is yet unseen. We love the combination of concrete with its strong character in the field of style and fashion. Gravelli are perfectionists, each product takes on a long journey, from the first drawing, to mixing concrete through to successful delivery to the customers. We can certainly prove that after having our hands on few of their earrings and rings.

Credits: Gravelli

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