Common Enemy

Common Enemy, founded by Ryan Gordon in 2020, is making waves in the public health landscape by challenging conventional norms. As an advocate for change, Common Enemy has pledged to donate 5% of every purchase to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the public health system in the United States. To visually embody the brand’s mission and evoke the spirit of an elite-level performance basketball shoe company, Ryan enlisted the expertise of his old friend and dormmate, Dave, to create a visually striking identity.

The design of Common Enemy is centered around a bold and urgent approach to typography and color. The choice of the condensed sans-serif typeface, GT America, draws inspiration from both American Gothics of the 19th century and European Neo-Grotesk typefaces of the 20th century. This selection not only feels natural for athletic performance but also pays homage to the typography of past protest movements. The color palette, featuring a vibrant brand-red orange, exudes energy and urgency, while secondary gradients add depth and celebrate the diversity inherent in the game of basketball. Elements such as abstract linework inspired by basketball court lines and inbound lines subtly incorporated into the logotype further reinforce the brand’s connection to the sport. The abstracted “C” and “E” symbol expresses movement and momentum, capturing Common Enemy’s mission to drive change.

In summary, Common Enemy’s design is a testament to its mission and vision. Through typography, color, and basketball-inspired elements, the brand communicates its unwavering commitment to transforming public health advocacy. With a visually striking identity, Common Enemy stands as a symbol of empowerment and progress, poised to revolutionize the conversation surrounding public health in the United States.


Credits: Dave Frankel

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