Comme Si x Lichen

COMME SI x LICHEN is a collaborative project between luxury lifestyle brand Comme Si and the Brooklyn based interior design shop Lichen. They share an appreciation for form, function, and detail that together make design a success–both in the wardrobe and in the home. They also think a lot about how to do things differently, representing their personal values through their brands – Comme Si by creating a new legacy for luxury, Lichen by democratizing interior design.

Their partnership came together naturally; over the past several months, they noticed their friends finding ways to connect in isolation, sharing their mutual love of good design and strategies for sustained creative inspiration in challenging times.

The first release of their project is a special edition zine featuring creative insights from friends like Shawna X (Visual Artist), Nicole McLaughlin (Designer), Danielle Goldberg (Fashion Stylist & Creative Consultant), Hassan Rahim (Artist, Art Director & Graphic Designer), Eric Hu (Art Director), and more. Their zine is designed by Elizabeth Dilk, and pays homage to Tomoko Miho’s Herman Miller catalogues and archives.

To complement the zine they’re launching a limited run of unisex Comme Si x Lichen Socks. Available in two custom colors, Lichen Green and Cactus Green, the socks have been designed with daily (mostly indoor) life in mind. Wear them to run errands, work out, lounge or get creative in the studio. Each pair is made in Italy with GOTS certified Organic Egyptian Cotton and both the zine and products will be available exclusively on and at Lichen.

The second phase of their collaboration will feature a custom-made interior piece that’s created completely out of scrap materials, to be shared in the spring.


Credits: Comme Si x Lichen

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