Harvested from the rich-in-soil hills of Sintra, Colina celebrates heritage, innovation, and practicality. Their products are high-end and rich in flavor but affordable. Colina is the Portuguese word for hill. Continuing with the oily theme, we bring you a branding design by Noance studio featuring a natural and fresh style.

Colina is past, present, and future combined into a brand that brings together sustainability, affordability, and innovative design to one of the world’s most conservative markets. In a typical traditional market, the brand positions itself as a functional, practical, almost gadget-like brand for the modern household.
Produced locally in Portugal and catered to the international market, it is both a cultural representation and a testament to the future of food products. Designers created a friendly approach and chose an almost monochrome green color palette in different tones. The olive oil’s canned packaging plays with the material’s glossy and matte finish. It has a clean sans serif typeface, but the written logo is serif-typed.
The project has been awarded 2nd place for Food Brand Identity Systems at the Dieline Awards 2021, next to Heinz by JKR Global and Cadbury’s rebrand by Bulletproof.
We adore the result of this branding project, differentiating from the traditional aesthetics of the olive oil industry, making their very own path to a modern and updated style without leaving apart the main product.

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Credits: Noance Studio

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