Founded in 2021, Clou is a loungewear brand that aims to make sustainability as easy as possible with a line of minimal lifestyles. The products’ design is from New York and produced in a family factory in Turkey. As a sustainability-centered business, Clou’s manufacture minimizes waste and keeps the fashion industry sustainable. Clou’s aesthetic bases on minimalism and pastel colors combined with environmental awareness. This is a perfect match for those who love fashion that is chic yet environmentally conscious.

The brand’s organic and soft approach reflects an identity that combines a custom-made logo with a rounded freeform typographic system based on handmade. Therefore, the rest of the design was kept strictly minimal. Designers chose one typeface, Humanistic Sans set spaciously, with Classic Grotesque, which allowed the delicate details of the typeface to shine through while keeping with a blocky style, common in grotesque typefaces.
Clou’s identity and packaging system reflect the aesthetics of values, sustainable and ethical fashion affordable, practical, and desirable. Working with minimal and natural materials brought a timeless yet possessive approach.

Every detail in the brand identity is elegant and clean, after Sıla Özyıldız‘s thoughtful and refined process. Besides recyclable materials, it also hides a surprise flower seed in the tag paper that comes with every purchase. We love this kind of initiative to prove the brand’s sincere commitment to the environment.


Credits: Sıla Özyıldız

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