Clana Branding

One thing that characterizes Mindsparkle in sooth is our fandom for exquisite branding projects. Today is no exception; meet Clana, global identity, and UI design the brand’s website. It’s medical support and service organizations for head trauma. Behind this gorgeous branding, we find Stanislas Wiart‘s creative mind. 

Featuring a brief color palette, Clana gives a clean and polished look and feel worth it of medical services. Its typographic choice for the brand’s naming works perfectly, as Clana stands up for Cérébro-Lésions Acquises Nouvelle-Aquitaine. What’s extraordinary about this project is its simple concept. However, it manages to get a bold, contemporary style. Stanislas Wiart has an outstanding visualization for blank spaces and created an absolutely balanced graphic composition. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down 🙂


Credits: Stanislas Wiart

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